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Riva 1920


Elegant geometric design



Boss Basic

Stylish solid wood dining table from Riva 1920.

Boss Executive

Solid diner from Riva 1920 that is full of natural ...

Boss Executive Bench

Solid bench with natural character

Bree e Onda

Dining table on beautiful "wave" base in iron from Riva ...

Bungalow Arm

Natural wooden frame

Bungalow Bench

Luxurious bench in natural materials

Bungalow Stool

Dressing stool with leather straps

Cambusa Fly Reserve

Any one for drinks?


Solid wood dining tables


Solid Cedar stool

Cloe dining

Solid wood arm & side chairs

Crazy bookshelves

Solid wood bookshelves with a splash of colour from Riva ...

Notice: This item is out of stock. It's available to buy with the lead time shown on the left. Made To Order - 6-8 Weeks.jpg

Dadone Stool

Functional art from Riva 1920.


Upholstered stool

Eco Block

Solid Cedar wood table

Ello Stool

Classic revolving bar stool from Riva 1920.

Freedom Bedside

Simplicity personified

Freedom Bookcase

Build your own bookcase block by block!

Freedom Project TV

Media bookcase, completely versatile,

J+I Zig & Zag

Fun stacking stool

Kauri Earth

A remarkable creation

Kyoto 2013 Sideboard

Floating wooden sideboard from Riva 1920.

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