We would like to wish Riva 1920 good luck in the up and coming Interior Design’s Best of Year global design awards program dedicated to the year’s best products and projects, in which Riva 1920 have been nominated for their Earth table that combines natural timber with a beautiful grain & patina with modern resins to stunning effect. If you woud like to vote for them you have until the 14th October so hurry - CLICK HERE TO VOTE

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The event for new furniture accross the globe, Milan in 2016 did not dissappoint. Here are just a few products that caught my eye, and will begin to feature on our web site in the coming months. The Hole table for Kristalia, designed by Kensaku Oshiro is a table with a sculptural base made from sheet steel, which has been moulded, joined and bent using many processes. The top is available in a thin laminate, or thicker solid wood. Not another swivel chair you might say, but Myplace by Michael Geldmacher for LaCividina, is simply elegant.

doppler sideboard 02

Available in a number of variants, with arms or not, wings or not, headrest or not, the chair has multiple uses both at home, and in a contract environment. Although not a year for lighting, I couldn't resist this modern interpretation of the Medieval Candelabra, called Epsilon, with a hand brushed brass finish, and utilising a series of halogen point lights to imitate the candles, the result is spectacular! 


T600 2he Dorian mirror from Fiam can be hung vertically or horizontally, and has a gently crumpled frame in temperature fused glass, designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, in two sizes, I am confident this will rival the Caadre mirror for popularity in the years to come. These Doppler cabinets by Guiseppe Vigano for Bonaldo are nothing if not bold, and the doors open in line with the graphic design to reinforce these statement pieces. These Quo stacking chairs by Martin Ballendat for Tonon, are available in many vibrant colours of moulded foam, with a real twist in the back!


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With the recent success of Spectre and Sam Smith's beautiful song how about making a statement with BIG - a new language of light from Artemide, launched in February 2016. Transform entrances & public spaces with this stunning feature lighting.

For more information on BIG's parts and how to put together your own lighting statements please contact us as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. BIG alanguageoflightinfo

BIG alanguageoflight

Create something unique and enjoy the beauty of aged table tops to create a stunning statement piece full of natural character...

These Kauri wood boards are sliced from ancient logs found in New Zealand bogs. The trees fell over seven thousand years ago (some up to 50,000 years ago), and Italian company Riva1920 brings them to Italy to create unique pieces of furniture.

Kauri 2The boards are up to 100mm thick, and all edges are given a smooth finish before applying a natural oil. The tops are allowed to dry naturally for many years, so some open up to create dramatic splits in the wood.

The wider, single piece boards can be left untouched in their natural shape. Alternatively, two thinner boards can be matched side by side. The gaps are then filled with a clear resin as shown here to create more of a table shape.

If you are interested in creating one of these for your next project,
let us know the ideal size, and we can send you images of the boards currently available! We will then work with Riva1920 to create your
unique centre piece! As you would expect, their price reflects the
special character, and skill in creating them.Kauri 1

Think Big, for example - these boards are 7 metres in length...