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Quicksnap Ice Tray

Fantastically easy!
Quicksnap ice tray in pink, white, blue and green
Quicksnap ice tray in greenQuicksnap ice tray in green
Quicksnap ice tray in whiteQuicksnap ice tray in white
Quicksnap ice tray in blueQuicksnap ice tray in blue
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Quick release ice tray

Gone are the days of messing ice cubes all over the worktop or floor whilst trying to coolly prepare drinks for friends as you chat. We’ve all spilt ice cubes everywhere except into the glass, and inevitably they dance on to the floor! Well, ice cool delivery is now at hand with this clever pop out design. Just twist the tray and press the switch under the tray to release each cube in a controlled way exactly when and where you want it – straight into the glass.

Dimensions: l28 w12 d4cm