Curved Glass Fireguard

Curved Glass Fireguards
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These curved glass fireguards are stylish yet unobtrusive and work well in a contemporary or classic fireplace.

We have been selling these contemporary glass fireguards for over ten years and they are still one of our best sellers. These tempered glass fireguards effectively act as a screen for your fire without impacting the view of the flames. We have one at home and it is always envied by our guests.

NB: Please make sure that you read all the safety instructions before using the fireguard. Click Here to read more.

Function: To protect from little sparks coming out of the fire-place during the combustion of the firewood.

Glass Fireguards Size:
Large - L96cm x H55cm (The depth of the curve is 20cms). Glass 6mm thick.
Small - L77cm x H50cm ( The depth of the curve is 15.5cm). Glass 6 mm thick.

Glass Fireguards Material: Tempered Glass.

Glass Fireguards Design: Made in Switzerland.