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Raj 4 Light

Glass dining tables
Raj 4 Light oval table cutout
Raj 4 round table insitu - note filled in baseRaj 4 round table insitu - note filled in base

Clear glass dining tables - simple but elegant in design.

The RAJ 4 Light dining table collection has a classic table top in 15mm transparent glass that is either round, oval or square in shape, lying on a simple cross base in bright metal, making for a soft shape to suit any dining or meeting room situation.

For more information please download the technical pdf sheet , email us at or call 020 3397 3723.

Designed by Ricardo Bello Dias for Gallotti & Radice.

Dimensions (table top height is 74cm):
Round tables - ø140, 150 or 160cm
Oval tables - w180 or 210 x d130cm
Square tables - 140x140, 150x150 or 160x160cm

Table tops in 15mm transparent glass; Bases in bright stainless steel.
* second insitu image has a filled in base as the RAJ 4 table, not the RAJ4 Light.

Units in box: 1